Irrewarra sourdough bread has the European tick of approval

Posted on March 24, 2016

We’re proud of our bread and we know people love it; it’s damn good bread! But testimonials like this just blow our socks off. It’s heart-warming to hear Irrewarra sourdough spoken of so highly, with such passion.

A dear customer took the time to write to us and let us know her hunt for bread that’s on par with what she grew up with in Europe, is over!

After years of despair seeking REALLY great bread with the texture and flavour of the breads I was used to in France and Germany while growing up – a few months ago, we discovered your FABULOUS sourdough baguettes and rolls at a small supermarket in Fairfield. It looks right, it feels right in the mouth, it smells right… and it tastes right. WONDERFUL on a Sunday morning with a good coffee (porridge and muesli, move over!).

Let’s be honest, Europeans know their bread. They know good food and they don’t settle for less – nor should they, or you!

The smell and touch of our bread will transport you to a traditional bread stall at a charming European food market. You simply couldn’t walk by without picking up a baguette or three.

The taste will transport you to a quaint café, where you would enjoy fresh bread with butter, cheese, coffee and a good book… reminiscent of French and German culture.

Enjoy Irrewarra sourdough, with the European tick of approval, right here in Australia.

Please NEVER stop baking that wonderful bread. It is superior to ANY of the other leading breads we have ever bought in this country. If you raise the price, we’ll STILL buy it… Your sourdough baguette is fantastic with sliced Jarlsberg cheese and real coffee. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh…

We approve of your approval!

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