About our bread

This is artisan bread at its finest. Rustic and pure, our bread is not tainted with commercial yeast or preservatives and is created in a time honoured tradition. Shaped by hand and baked on the stone floor of the oven, every loaf is the individual expression of our bakers’ hands. Never heavy or sour, our bread is the culmination of a 30-hour fermentation and proofing process.

But the real proof is in the tasting.


At Irrewarra Bakery we pride ourselves on using the best quality ingredients available. We use the best flour available from a variety of Australian flour mills.¬†Our wholewheat flour is organic and stone ground. The water used in our breads is sourced from dams in the Otway Ranges. The Otways have the highest rainfall in Victoria…

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Health benefits

Did you know that sourdough is simply the best bread you can eat? And at Irrewarra we only make sourdough bread, we don’t make “quick” yeasted breads, so our starter culture remains pure and wild. The reason sourdough bread is so good for you is that it is made from fermented dough! A totally natural…

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