At Irrewarra Bakery we pride ourselves on using the best quality ingredients available. We use the best flour available from a variety of Australian flour mills. Our wholewheat flour is organic and stone ground. The water used in our breads is sourced from dams in the Otway Ranges. The Otways have the highest rainfall in Victoria because they are located right on the coastline, resulting in orographic rainfall from evaporation off Bass Strait. All we do is filter it.

Our breads contain only flour, water, salt and sourdough culture.  The sourdough culture, now 22 years old, contains flour, water and naturally occurring microorganisms including bacteria and yeast. These bacteria and yeast have not been purchased and added by us, but are wild or native, naturally existing on wheat and in the air and start multipying naturally when water and flour are mixed to create the right environment for the microbes. We do not add any yeast foods such as malt or vitamin C, dough improvers, emulsifiers, vinegar, sugar, oil.

If you have tried our granola you will know the quality of our ingredients. Every ingredient is tasted upon arrival at the bakery by the owners of the bakery. If the quality is not good enough, the ingredients are rejected and returned. We source as much of our ingredients from Australia as possible. Some ingredients are not grown or made in Australia – spice, sesame seeds for example.  We use Australian flour, sultanas, currants, oats, almonds, linseeds, macadamia nuts, sugar.  We never use cheaper ingredients to increase our profit or reduce the cost of our products.

As required by law, the sea salt used by the bakery is iodised and the white flour we use contains folate. However, the stoneground organic wholewheat flour does not contain folate. So if you are looking for bread without synthetic folate, try the Sesame Wholewheat or Breakfast Seed Loaf.