Irrewarra vineyard pinot

Irrewarra sourdough bread and wine the perfect match

August 10, 2017

A year after Bronwynne and John Calvert started their Irrewarra sourdough bakery, they also planted 10 acres of vines down the road on a north facing slope of the Otway foothills overlooking the plains of Irrewarra. It was their goal to create great wine and bread, a perfect match, then later to produce an Irrewarra…

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Choose sourdough bread over gluten-free options for better health

March 24, 2017

Over recent years, gluten has been the whipping boy of the health industry, with many people choosing a gluten free diet for the apparent health benefits. However, a recent study from the United States’ Harvard University shows that a non-medical gluten-free diet could be linked to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Gluten-free foods often…

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Irrewarra Sourdough

Irrewarra Sourdough building bakery on historic site

October 27, 2016

Irrewarra Sourdough is thrilled to announce that it has obtained planning permission to build a new bakery on its original site in rural Irrewarra, adjacent to the 1880s’ stables where the bakery was established by founders John and Bronwynne Calvert in 2000. The bakery soon outgrew the stables and a second bakery facility in nearby…

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Traditional sourdough to help quash gluten sensitivity epidemic

March 29, 2016

When was the last time you enjoyed bread? At Irrewarra we place emphasis on quality, natural ingredients. With the proliferation of GMOs, mass and commercially produced ingredients, preservatives, synthetic additives and more, it’s little wonder so many people are finding bread doesn’t agree with them! We don’t agree with calling a product which has been…

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Irrewarra sourdough bread has the European tick of approval

March 24, 2016

We’re proud of our bread and we know people love it; it’s damn good bread! But testimonials like this just blow our socks off. It’s heart-warming to hear Irrewarra sourdough spoken of so highly, with such passion. A dear customer took the time to write to us and let us know her hunt for bread…

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Sourdough bread a healthy mix

December 3, 2015

Bread a ‘health food’? Ours is! We recently stumbled across a gem of an article written by a talented Barbara Griggs for The Guardian. The article isn’t new, it was posted in 2014, but its relevance rings true today. The article, titled The rise and rise of sourdough bread, explains the transformation of the bread…

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Irrewarra gift hampers for Christmas

October 22, 2015

Christmas is only 62 sleeps away, and if you want to get organised and have gifts sent and received prior to the 25th of December, now is the time to act! Whatever the reason, an Irrewarra gift hamper is a truly lovely way to tell someone you’re thinking of them during the festive season. You could be sending…

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Three Cheese Mix, Grilled on Irrewarra Toast

September 18, 2015

This is an absolutely delicious lunch (or light dinner) served with a green salad and a glass of wine or beer. We always had it on the menu at our cafe. This is enough to place in a container and store in the fridge for an instant very impressive lunch.Ingredients 250g Mozzarella cheese 250g Vintage…

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French toast recipe

Irrewarra Casalinga French toast recipe

June 29, 2015

A simple and delicious family-friendly French toast recipe. Everyone loves French toast! This recipe uses our Casalinga loaf and makes a divine version of French toast – the Casalinga has an open and bubbly, moist texture, so the French toast has a crumpet-like taste inside and a crisp surface. A real family favourite and perfect…

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Superfood bread

New Soy and Seed Superloaf

June 29, 2015

Super bread packed with superfoods for optimal health and vitality. Responding to increased consumer demand for healthy but versatile breads, we have developed a new unique loaf that contains many real superfoods. Well-known nutritionist Catherine Saxelby, has listed her top 20 superfoods on her website. Irrewarra’s new Soy and Seed Superloaf, contains the following superfood…

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