hot cross buns

Nothing says Easter quite like traditional hot cross buns—hot and smothered with butter, they’re the annual treat everyone looks forward to.

Hot cross buns are an Easter tradition that’s said to date back to medieval times—buns marked with a cross to venerate pagan Gods. The tradition continued in the Christian church. The heady combination of lightly spiced dough and fragrant fruit is hard to beat, and they’ve remained popular ever since.

True to our style, Irrewarra’s Hot Cross Buns are 100 per cent sourdough, with no baker’s yeast, sugar or eggs. To soften the buns we add extra sourdough culture and fresh milk.  The result is a bun that’s dense, moist, well-spiced, and full of plump Australian sultanas, currants and citrus peel.

Irrewarra Hot Cross Buns are only available for a limited time in the weeks before Easter – so be sure to get in quickly. Our Hot Cross Buns are available at all our bread retailers – find your closest stockists.

Christmas fruit loaf

Christmas is a special time of year and we created our Christmas Fruit Loaf as a unique alternative to German’s Christmas favourite, Stollen, to celebrate the season, making the most of the fragrant festive spices that are so much part of the Christmas season.

Our Christmas Fruit Loaf is a rich artisan loaf bursting with plump and juicy raisins, sultanas, currants and citrus peel, crunchy walnuts and whole almonds, and our own blend of four festive spices.

The sourdough we use for our Christmas Fruit Loaf undergoes the same fermentation process as all our breads. It’s the long proving time, the generous amounts of nuts and fruit, and the subtle balance of spices that make this a truly special loaf to enjoy with your family and friends on Christmas morning. We recommend slicing thickly, toasting, then spreading each slice with cultured or brandy butter.

Christmas Fruit Loaves are only available for an extremely limited time in the weeks before Christmas. You’ll find this special bread at all our bread retailers in Victoria only.


Panforté, meaning is ‘strong bread’, is an Italian festive sweet enjoyed at Christmas. Its a chewy, addictive nougat-like sweet cake containing the classic festive ingredients of nuts, spices and dried fruit.

At Irrewarra we bake our Chocolate Panforté using the classic Italian recipe: dark chocolate, cocoa, dried figs, roasted almonds, glacé citrus, raisins and spices, sweetened with local Victorian honey. The almonds are roasted, the chocolate melted, the honey and sugar heated, then all the ingredients are mixed together. The thick dense mixture is then hand-pressed into a tin and baked. It's an arduous process but well worth the effort!

In keeping with the Italian tradition, we hand-wrap the Panforté in decorative patterned paper, so it’s a perfect pre-wrapped Christmas gift to yourself or the foodie in your life.

Available in a whole 500-gram round, Irrewarra’s Chocolate Panforté is only available for a limited time in the lead-up to Christmas. You’ll find it at stores listed on our stockists' page.

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Fruit Mince Tarts

The fruit mince tart or pie, part of British life in the lead-up to Christmas is a wonderful creation. It takes lots of work to make these small tarts, but it’s very rewarding! At Irrewarra we make our own fruit mince, not the sticky commercial stuff. We grate Granny Smith apples, then macerate the apple and dried fruits—currants, raisins, dates and prunes—in brandy and spices. The secret of our mince is the unique blend of fruit, using whole vine fruits which come back to their pre-dried form as they absorb the brandy and juice from the grated apples. We don’t use “mixed peel”, it’s too firm and harsh for a tart, just a little fresh finely grated orange zest. The pastry is a rich shortcrust made with fresh local Moorpark free-range eggs and local fresh butter, rolled and cut by hand.

The best mince tarts have the perfect balance between buttery pastry and spicy, moist fruit and we’ve worked hard to achieve that balance.

“Folklore also has it that eating a pie on each of the 12 days of Christmas brings wealth and prosperity for the future 12 months. Whether they truly assure good fortune or not, these sweet treats are worth the eating.”—Gourmet Traveller, Australia

Irrewarra Fruit Mince Tarts come perfectly gift boxed, four to a box for a limited time in the lead-up to Christmas. You’ll find them at most of our retailers across Victoria—see our stockist page.

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Our Hamper is the ultimate gift for Irrewarra devotees.  A brown-card lidded box, embossed with the iconic Irrewarra logo. Filled with our granola range and biscuits throughout the year. During the Christmas season we include a Panforte round and a box of Fruit Mince Tarts.

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