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There’s nothing like the rich, crusty bloom of freshly baked sourdough, straight from the oven. Bread is our staple, but we put as much love into our other foods as we do our bread. Crunchy all natural granola, packed with oats, fruit, nuts, seeds, spices and sweetened with honey and a range of very Australian biscuits including Anzacs, Chocolate Oat Snaps and Macadamia Oat Crunch. For the festive times of Easter and Christmas, we bake sourdough Hot Cross Buns, Chocolate Panforte with figs, almonds and raisins,  a “Four Spice” Christmas Fruit and Nut Loaf and delicious Fruit Mince Tarts.


Irrewarra Sourdough is an artisan sourdough bakery, baking handmade sourdough bread. Situated in the beautiful rural district of Irrewarra, just inland from Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, the bakery was started in 2000 by John and Bronwynne Calvert, driven by a passion for great bread, the use of natural ingredients and artisan baking techniques. Though the…

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Chocolate panforte Made to the classic Italian recipe, this rich nougat-style cake is full of figs, roasted almonds, glace citrus, raisins, chocolate, honey and spice. Beautifully wrapped in patterned paper according to Italian tradition. The perfect gift. Quarter panforte This is a 160g portion of our whole panforte. Made to the classic Italian recipe, this…

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Irrewarra makes a range of delicious very Australian biscuits using fresh local butter made from milk produced in the Great Ocean Road hinterland, Australian oats, chocolate and our very own native nut, the macadamia nut.  There are three varieties: Anzac biscuits, Chocolate & Oat Snaps and Macadamia Oat Crunch biscuits.

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