Chocolate Panforté

Chocolate Panforté

Panforté is the Italian festive sweet enjoyed at Christmas.  Its meaning is “strong bread”, a chewy, addictive nougat-like sweet cake containing the classic festive ingredients of nuts, spices and dried fruit.  

We bake our Chocolate Panforté using the classic Italian recipe: dark chocolate, cocoa, dried figs, roasted almonds, glacé citrus, raisins and spices, sweetened with local Victorian honey.  the almonds are roasted, the chocolate melted, the honey and sugar heated, then its mixed. The thick dense mixture is then hand pressed into a tin and baked.

In keeping with the Italian tradition, we hand-wrap the Panforté in decorative patterned paper, so it’s a perfect pre-wrapped Christmas gift to yourself or the foodie in your life.

Available in a whole 500g round, Irrewarra’s Chocolate Panforté is only available for a limited time in the lead-up to Christmas. You’ll find it at stores listed on our stockists page.

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To serve, dust with icing sugar, cut out a quarter then slice finely  (5mm thickness) with parallel slices.

Like all our products, Irrewarra Sourdough’s Chocolate Panforté is preservative-free; however, it will last for a long time wrapped in its original packaging and stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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