After years of despair seeking REALLY great bread with the texture and flavour of the breads I was used to in France and Germany while growing up – a few months ago, we discovered your FABULOUS sourdough baguettes and rolls at a small supermarket in Fairfield. It looks right, it feels right in the mouth and to touch, it smells right… and it tastes right. WONDERFUL on a Sunday morning with a good coffee (porridge and muesli, move over!).

Please, please NEVER stop baking that wonderful bread. It is superior to ANY of the other leading breads we have ever bought in this country. If you raise the price, we’ll STILL buy it.

Your sourdough baguette is fantastic with sliced Jarlsberg cheese and real coffee. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh…

Keep it comin’.

Recently I went and shopped at Leo’s in Kew and found your homemade granola. Its the BEST granola I have ever tasted with the combination of ingredients working extremely well together and most importantly all natural ingredients and NO sugar. As a competitive figure athelete I am always on the look out for new quality products that have no added extras. Irrewarra granola is what I can recommend to my patients and fellow competitors. Well done on producing the best granola mix on the market.

I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell how much I love your bread! I have had it for my breaky every morning for about nearly 4 years (always with butter & vegemite). When I have been unable to get it, I have tried other sourdough but they just dont compare to yours – it is the best.

Just wanted to let you know!

Your bread is the best tasting bread I have ever had, and I have tried a lot of sourdough. You have the best range, so I can use specific loaves for different meals, breakfast etc.

Thank you for your love of good food, and for baking your bread, so I can enjoy it!

I just wanted to send a compliment and tell you of an incident regarding your bread.

I went to the newsagent carrying one of your loaves and the man serving me saw it and said

“isn’t that bread great! I reckon it’s the best bread in Australia.”

I just thought you’d enjoy this about your wonderful sourdough breads.

Just found your bread. Bloody beautiful. I have mucked around with my own sourdough for ages, but your has put me to shame. I don’t bother making it any more – yours is too good. Most of my friends now buy it as well. I own Majella Wines here in Coonawarra and I have to buy about 10 loaves a week just to keep the staff happy. It means a 100km round trip to Mount Gambier to pick it up, but it’s worth it. If my order gets any bigger I’ll need a truck. Well done!

Brian Lynn

I just wanted to pass on my congratulations to you for making such magnificent breads. We have recently started purchasing your products from Napoli’s in Williamstown (where it has developed a cult following) and I included it in our annual family/friends easter brunch. It was the clearly the most enjoyable item on the table (from quite a reasonable spread) and you gained numerous new customers that day. Well done and thankyou for making a product that brings us so much enjoyment. (our children love it as well – much to our disappointment!!!)

Just to let you know that I am living in Melbourne for 6 months from the UK (England/Winchester) and to say that your bread is equal to the best I have ever tasted. Nowhere around the UK produces anything remotely as good. Have you thought about franchising your recipes? I just wish you to know that when I return in January I am going to suffer huge withdrawal problems!

Congratulations on a first class product.

The best sourdough loaf I’ve ever had. Quite remarkable. Great flavour, not too sour, excellent crust.

I’ve just disappointly finished a holiday at lorne. One of the highlights was to stumble upon your breads at the local foodworks. I’ve just looked at the stockists for my area and luckily enough I’ve got a couple of options to purchase the bread while living in Melbourne. I just wanted to let you know that you’ve got a great product and I hope you continue to flourish as a business so that everyone can enjoy your products for awhile to come. Sensational bread!

My friend and I wondered at the price of the Christmas Bread when we ordered it, but this is to say, thank you, it was worth every cent. A most beautiful loaf which we enjoyed greatly and there are a few slices sitting in the freezer waiting for New Year’s Day breakfast.

We buy your always satisfying bread, from Prahran Market – fruit loaves and seed bread usually – and are always pleased with the consistency of your product.

So, I hope you all manage somehow to have some sort of holiday in the new year – I can only guess at what hard work baking is. The only purpose of this email is to say “thank you all, and I wish you a happy and prosperous new year”.

I just wanted to tell you how deeeeevine we think you bread is!! We live in South Gippsland (near the Prom) and Ahern’s Fruit Market (wonderful shop!) in Foster is now carrying your products and we just love them!! There is nothing else like them out here and having moved away from the city and plenty of choice with regard to excellent breads, we were seriously fretting for excellent bread! Our prayers have been answered!!! Thanks again for such wonderful breads!!!

I have just returned from a holiday in Apollo Bay where I purchased your beautiful bread at Foodworks. I soon worked out if I didnt get there EARLY It would be sold out and I would miss out. On the final day of our holiday I bolted back to Foodworks just to buy one last loaf which was transported back to Sydney in my hand luggage.

If there is a perfect loaf it must be one of yours.

Hi, I’ve recently moved back to Australia after 2yrs in Ireland and 6 in Scotland. Shortly after arriving in Melbourne, I was given some of your bread by an old friend in Fitzroy and LOVED it. Besides the occasional visit to Belgium, France and Spain, (and one great baker in County Cork in Ireland) I can honestly say I’ve not had better bread since I left Australia 8 years ago.

Hello, I recently holidayed in Melbourne and was hooked on your breads! I live in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and you put our local bread makers to shame!

I normally don’t write letters, unless it’s to rant and complain….

But I started buying your ‘all natural handmade granola’ at LEAF in Elwood some months ago, and even though it is certainly the most expensive cereal on the planet, priced somewhere between crack cocaine prices and blood diamonds…. it is THE BEST GRANOLA EVER!

I have tried to stop buying it but today just gave up to the higher power of your bakery and am now hooked for life….

Well done.

Robert Lewis Galinsky

I have been buying your breakfast cereal which is the best I have ever tasted.


Simply the best bread, love all your products, we freight it from Mount Gambier each week @ $10 a pop from Yoey’s but would not miss it for quids, Robe is a bit isolated but worth every crumb.

I just bought my first loaf from Mt Eliza: WOW. It’s like eating a scone. Incredibly tasty, and by far the nicest bread I have ever sampled. While I am very happy to support your smaller business in preference to multinationals, the product stands out on its own merit, and Irrewarra will now be the bread of choice for this family.

Congratulations on your ‘win’ on keeping the name ‘granola’. I used to make Uncle Funky’s Krunchy Granola in the early 70’s and Sanatarium stopped me. I was too small to fight over what was I thought a generic name so I changed the name granola ..to ‘grain cereal’! We quit making it in the mid to late 70’s !!Anyway..Good on ya.

I’ve always had a bit of a love affair with bread, but we’ve recently moved to Ballarat and discovered Irrewarra Sourdough, and I’m now totally besotted. My Saturdays are just not the same if I don’t get to the store early enough to snare a Spicy Fruit and Nut loaf (drat these cold mornings and the inclination to snuggle under the covers just a bit longer).
Basically, I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful bread.